“Gray Dog” is a watercolor by Tammy Midkiff and a Splash 18 Winner.  Splash 18 can be purchased at most large book stores and  artistsnetwork.com   To purchase Giclee(s) of “Gray Dog” click the Tammy Midkiff tab.  Tammy can be found on Instagram at   tammymidkiff.art

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Quality products made
in Texas by Texans

Established in August 2010, TEX-MADE, LLC had only one goal in mind. To share the talents of our Artist’s and Crafter’s to those in search of quality and unique products. Everything is Made in Texas. “Made in America Company.”

We are constantly adding inventory to our web-site as Artist’s and Fine Crafter’s complete their products. Please check back often to see what new items have been added to our catalog.

We are an internet sales company. However, some of our items can be found in other retail locations.

Granny M Gift Shop 1302 Fiorella, Castroville TX 78009. Special orders, large deliveries and local deliveries can be scheduled at this location Please contact the shop for questions 210-845-8402 grannymstx@gmail.com

The Windsor Boutique Hotel 36 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801

What We Do

Artists and Crafters creating one of a kind quality products and antiques. If you are looking for a family heirloom or a unique gift, check us out!

  • Reproduction Civil War small quilts/ wall hangings.
  • Reproduction 1930’s small quilts
  • Holiday Quilts
  • Jewelry
  • Vintage Items
  • Home Decor
  • Wine Stoppers
  • Fashion Scarves
  • Youth Fashion
  • Baby & Child
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Artist….
  • Tammy Midkiff
  • Beatriz Fedele
  • Gina Jolly
  • Great Gifts with free gift wrappingg

TEX-MADE prides itself on the quality of its art and handmade products. We use high quality materials in the construction of our items and go the extra effort to ensure your item is made with quality in mind. Our goal is to provide customers with unique products that has them eagar to come back for more. You will find things for the home, gifts for family and friends. We are constantly adding new items to our catalog so that there is always something new to see.

Payment is secured/operated by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. Most major credit cards accepted.

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If you try to contact us and do not receive a response within 12 hours, please try again. We always respond, but unfortunately some communications are not received due to surrounding growth.

Member of:
The Better Business Bureau
National Association of Professional Women
LinkedIn via Tammy Midkiff, Owner Operator of TEX-MADE, LLC
Instagram: tammymidkiff.art

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Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: Due to the high volume of ROBO calls, we cannot answer all unidentified callers.  Please a message and we will return your call.

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